NLP Solution For a Leading Veterinary Hospital


For a major North American Veterinary Healthcare provider, the process of entering medical findings, assessments and plans into their system, commonly referred to as the Electronic Medical Recording (EMR), was a very time-consuming process. Doctors spent approximately 33% of their time each day entering medical records. Client was looking for more efficient ways to log medical records so that doctors could spend more time attending to their patients.


iLink has been a trusted technology partner for clients in the Healthcare and Life Science industries for more than a decade. The vast industry experience combined with a deep understanding of relevant technologies placed iLink in a unique position to assist the customer in their digital transformation journey.

Instead of going down the traditional process of taking what the client already had and making incremental improvements to it, iLink envisioned a new and improved way for the providers to enter the medical records. A voice based solution was recommended to the client and it was backed up with a working prototype which was built in less than 4 weeks.


The solution was a language interface for EMR, consisting of two components: Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Leveraging the Microsoft AI platform, we initially built a language interface prototype within 4 weeks and presented it to client. Client was impressed with the accuracy levels achieved by the prototype for speech to text and smart parsing requirements. Client then requested that we build their entire EMR language interface.

To build this language interface, we utilized a Custom Speech service with a language and acoustic model for speech recognition. We also used a Service Fabric for the services, Cosmos DB for the back-end, and LUIS and custom text processing for extracting structure, sub structure, findings, and medical notes.


Saved time and generated additional revenue for the client.

Our EMR language interface solution improved user experience as Doctors get to talk instead of type, resulting in great efficiency and productivity gains. Initial results showed that doctors spent 45% less time entering medical records. This saved time helped doctors attend to 20% more patients every day, resulting in a 22% increase in annual revenue for the client. This benefit when extended to over 750 hospital locations, would be a game changer for this leading veterinary healthcare provider.

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