Transforming Healthcare Payor Operations with Digital Innovation

At iLink Digital, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare landscape through comprehensive digital solutions tailored for payors. Embrace a seamless digital transformation across every facet of your payor operations with our specialized offerings. 

Member Engagement

Engaged members are more likely to stay informed about their health, adhere to treatment plans, and utilize preventive services, leading to better overall health and lower healthcare expenses. By fostering strong relationships with members, payors can enhance satisfaction, improve health outcomes, and reduce costs while building trust and loyalty so members feel valued and supported. 

Member Portals Management: Easily manage member enrollment, plan benefits, manage prescriptions, and bill billing. 

LLM-Based Conversational Analytics: Understand and respond to member inquiries effectively, enhancing member interactions and providing personalized, accurate information in real time. 

Omni-Channel Member Outreach: Receive important communications through your preferred channels—email, SMS, phone, or social media—to maximize engagement and keep members informed and supported. 


Provider Management

Manage elements such as network coordination, administrative processes, risk assessment, and performance analytics to ensure streamlined operations, optimal patient care, cost-effectiveness, improved patient outcomes, and compliance with regulatory standards. 


Pharmacy/Provider Network Management: Optimize provider relationships with robust pharmacy and provider network management solutions. 

Plan Administration Portal: Simplify administrative operations by managing healthcare plans effectively. 

Risk Assessment and Underwriting Solutions: Assess and manage risks associated with healthcare providers. 

Outcome-Based Analytics: Drive insightful decision-making based on patient outcomes. 

Risk/Reward Contract Management: Structure contract management to align incentives with outcomes. 

Plan Administration

Effectively manage plan designs, health data insights, utilization, and approval processes, ensuring streamlined operations, cost efficiency, and enhanced member satisfaction. Payors can thereby optimize healthcare delivery, control costs, and improve outcomes for members. 

Plan Administration: Advisory services and population health management: Navigate complex healthcare landscapes confidently with our plan design advisory services and population health management dashboards.  

AI/ML-driven Approval Workflows: Enhance efficiency through utilization management and AI/ML-driven prior authorization approval workflows.  

Transparency Solutions: Drive transparency with innovative price transparency solutions. 


Claims Management

Efficiently manage claims to ensure seamless processing from providers, facilitating timely reimbursements, reducing errors, and enhancing operational efficiency. Effective claim adjudication helps control costs, improve provider relationships, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. 


Claims Processing and Adjudication: Streamlined processes for efficient handling of claims submissions and adjudication. 

Automated Claims Approval/Denial: Automated systems that expedite the approval or denial of claims based on predefined criteria. 

ERA/EFT Payment Module: This module offers Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) capabilities for swift and secure payment transactions. 

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Solutions: Advanced tools and algorithms to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, minimizing financial losses. 

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