UiPath Automation Hub: Scale your RPA Strategy

UiPath Automation Hub is a tool used to identify automation opportunities within the organization and centrally manage the automation pipeline enabling faster implementation from idea to deployment.  

From getting started to large-scale rollout to identifying the rights KPIs for the best business case to communicating the potential of automation programs, Automation Hub helps to explore all the possible automation solutions. Be it CoE owners, citizen developers, or an internal community of idea contributors, Automation Hub collects ideas from anyone to find a solution that benefits everyone.   

In this webinar, iLink will introduce UiPath Automation Hub – your automation pipeline management tool, and the potential it brings to businesses in their automation journey. Based on our experience and our customers’ successful journey, we’ll be sharing tips to successfully roll out Automation Hub and scale your automation journey to yield the highest ROI.  

Please Note: We’ll also be providing a live demo on Automation Hub however, credentials will be shared on a first come first serve basis.  

In this session, you’ll learn 

  • What, where, and hows of setting up UiPath Automation Hub. 
  • Various options for controlling the user’s access to Automation Hub. 
  • How to prioritize the most impactful ideas to increase your program’s ROI? 
  • Leveraging the Automation Hub and Insights Cloud integration to benefit from out-of-the-box dashboard templates indicating the evolution of your automation program. 

Who should attend? 

Leaders and teams from RPA/ Process Excellence/ Business Transformation/ Quality and Continuous Improvement. 

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    Oct 12 2022


    9:00 am - 10:00 am


    Murughendra Shirahatti – Chief Executive Officer at InnoWise

    Other Organizers

    Sabyasachi Basu - Sr. Manager Digital Transformation at InnoWise
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