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Patient Engagement

We all have our own definitions of “Patient Engagement”. Though they might differ in words, to the most part, the meaning will be almost the same. In simple words, engaging the patient to improve health outcomes is how I would define it. Till recent times, a Patient Engagement solution would primarily bring data from the [...]
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Tele-Health adoption is on the rise. More care providers are adopting Tele-Health technology to provide services to patients in remote locations. One reason for this is that more insurers are beginning to pay for it as part of the benefit packages they have put in place. Also self-funded employers have begun to pay for such [...]
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Population Health Management

Lately I have been hearing the term “Population Health” in most of my conversations with the instructors from Warp Training Australia and healthcare executives. It is easy to think up a meaning for this term based on our mental model of what “Population Health” would or could mean. I looked up various definitions online and [...]
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Come Meet us at DIA 2012 Annual Meeting!

The Drug Information Association (DIA) is a nonprofit, worldwide association that aims to foster innovation, improve public health globally and provide a forum for knowledge exchange. It has over 23,000 members in more than eighty countries drawn from the discovery, development and management disciplines of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. DIA serves a global audience of [...]
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Last month, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) dropped its efforts to implement the CLASS Act. The CLASS program is a national, voluntary insurance program that was supposed to be available after October 2012 to help pay for services and supports that help citizens maintain independence in the community. Included in the [...]

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