Our Client, a leader in the fitness industry, wanted to implement an AI-based Solution to upgrade their Sales, Finance, Resource tracking, and Fitness tracking processes.

Microsoft Azure Implementation Increases Security

Our client, a fast growing, profitable company with a mission to close the insurance coverage gap, delivers the right insurance to customers with intelligent technology & personal advice.

IoT Solution Enables Real-Time Data Updates & Increased Revenue

Our client, a provider of fluid motion and control products and services, relies on product lines, engineering, project management, and service expertise to meet customer needs.

Cloud Consulting Services

IoT Solutions Provider Transforms Its Subscription Management Platform Contact Our Experts Challenge Our client, which offers a portfolio of managed end-to-end IoT solutions had a legacy subscription management application built in the 1990s with architecture that was tightly packed and that did not have a scope of reusability, extendibility, and scalability. The existing components that […]

Machine Learning Helps Optimize Manual and Data Intensive Activities to Increase Productivity by 65%

Machine Learning Helps Optimize Manual and Data Intensive Activities to Increase Productivity by 65% Contact Our Experts Challenge Trade Finance is one of the most complex banking operations involving complex international trade practices. The trading operations lifecycle was highly time consuming due to extensive manual effort required for document and data intensive transactions, lengthy process […]

Telecom Giant Utilizes IoT to Drive Customer Satisfaction Contact Our Experts Challenge Companies today increasingly rely on high speed network connections for routine business operations and to cater to their customer needs. This has placed a greater emphasis on high network reliability. Our client, one of the largest broadcasting and cable television companies in the […]

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