Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Yield Optimization for a Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

iLink Digital helped the leading generic pharmaceutical industry revolutionize its manufacturing operations. From streamlining KPI management to implementing production yield optimization, our comprehensive solution helped clients overcome the operational challenges of manual reporting, significantly enhancing operational efficiency, facilitating real-time visibility, and ultimately improving productivity.



Company size

10K+ Employees



About Client

Our client is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer of high-quality and affordable medicines. They’re recognized for their strong portfolio in generic and branded formulations, biosimilars, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Backed by 18 world-class manufacturing facilities and a dedicated team of 20,000, they’re deeply committed to meeting global healthcare needs while promoting sustainable manufacturing processes and fostering growth and innovation among healthcare professionals, patients, and stakeholders worldwide.



Business Impact

Enhanced Visibility

Reduced Downtime & Maintenance costs

Improved KPI Management

Optimized Production Yield

Improved Operational Efficiency

Maximized Productivity & Cost Savings

Looking to Enhance Your Production Yield Optimization with iLink Digital?

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