Strategize, Plan, Execute, Optimize and Govern Cloud Solutions using various Frameworks & Methodologies and host in different Cloud Providers

Cloud Services

Why Cloud

Multi Cloud Solutions

Drivers for Cloud Adoption

Below are the high value drivers for Cloud Adoption:

Security and Safety

Consists of a set of policies, controls, procedures and technologies that work together to protect cloud-based systems, data and infrastructure.

Innovation and Agility

Build new technical capabilities and disrupt the market with new products or services. 

Risk Mitigation

Meet regulatory complaints, data sovereignty requirements.

Cost Reduction

Proactively make better decisions, reduce CapEx and OpEx costs.

What We Do, and How We Do It

The popularity of cloud services is increasing with each passing year. As a Cloud Solution Provider, we provide businesses with cloud-based infrastructure, networks, and software applications. Businesses, instead of purchasing and managing their own expensive infrastructure, we can help opt for the services from a Cloud Services Provider or Multiple Cloud Services Providers as per your requirements and pay on a per-use basis.

We work with you on defining cloud strategy and planning, transformation, optimization, and governance to deliver insight across the business as simply and cost effectively as possible.

iLink has the required skills, experience and knowledge of various legacy systems and have migrated many legacy systems to various Cloud platforms.

We have proven Cloud Migration Approach to define the problem, asses the Current and Future State, Transform to Cloud and Innovate.

Cloud Migration Approach – 5R Methodology

Cloud Migration Approach – 5R Methodology

Cloud Service Offerings

Cloud Assessment and Roadmap Strategy

Provides an accurate understanding of your enterprise systems, enabling us to develop the roadmap for your Cloud services.

Cloud Migration

Migration and enhancement of legacy systems with cloud based, less expensive and more efficient technology platforms.

Enterprise to Cloud Transformation

We ensure that your enterprise OS, CRM, ERP, corporate mail and custom apps are migrated to a secure cloud environment which improves IT flexibility and efficiency.

Application Re-hosting

Reduce your on-premises investment by migrating your applications to Cloud Infrastructure with no modification to existing architecture or code.

Cloud Management & Optimization

Manage your entire cloud infrastructure with automated continuous monitoring & continuous improvement to get higher compliance and operational efficiency.

Cloud Native App Development

Build a cloud-native application that can rapidly deploy to cloud with increased performance, scalability and availability.​

Case Studies

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