Artificial Intelligence

iLink uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools to automatically detect data patterns to predict potential outcomes. We strive to provide your organization top-tier AI solutions tailored for your specific business needs. Our team’s deep vertical knowledge helps your organization to automate operation, drive innovation, and build an intelligent enterprise through data-driven cloud applications and cloud platform services. 

AI Strategy
AI Strategy

iLink’s AI strategy helps businesses to draft key strategic decisions around AI capability using in house capabilities. Our solution ensures that the AI transformation must align with your business goals and strategy. It helps you to invest in the right systems, build responsible practices, and prepare your business for the future. 

Machine Learning

We build, train optimizes, and deploy ML models using emerging tools and technologies such as AR & VR. Our ML models help organizations to build highly customized solutions that process high volumes of data and run advanced algorithms. Our solution empowers business applications to process automation, increase productivity, make fast decisions, and enable anomaly detection. 

Computer Vision

We integrate computer vision services to boost content discoverability, identify places, people, objects, photos, and videos, and categorize them to retrieve valuable information and analytics.  

Our customized approach helps developers to work with maximum accuracy while paying attention to the specific needs.

Natural Language Processing

Our NLP tools and techniques help organizations process, analyze, and understand unstructured data to operate productively. The algorithms help chatbots, virtual assistants, and personalized search engines to understand words like humans do. Our service supports a range of business applications, right from data acquisition to analytics and answering system machines.  

Natural Language Processing
Anomaly Detection

We help organizations to easily embed anomaly detection capabilities into applications to identify problems even before they occur. It consumes data over time and suggests the most effective detection model that ensures high accuracy. Businesses can use this information to process and condition asset monitoring delivering insights to decision-makers. 

Recommendation Systems

We help businesses develop, integrate, maintain, and support the recommendation engine and algorithms. The system can easily analyze past behavior and calculate recommendations accordingly. With AI-powered recommendations, businesses can engage and satisfy users with an increase in customer retention rates.

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