Secure Data with Assured Backup and Archival Solutions

Data Archival

Challenges in Backup & Data Archival

Challenges in Backup & Data Archival

How iLink Can Help

iLink leverages its extensive domain experience to define and implement processes and solutions for backup and archival management aimed at driving your SLAs and backup KPIs. 

As part of our Managed Backup services, we leverage your existing investments whether it is on-premise backup and archival infrastructure, or a hosting or cloud vendor set up to provide end-to-end management.

Solution & Deployment
Architecture & Design
Backup & Archival Management

The iLink Difference

iLink will ensure reliable data backup and restoration with complete security and integrity. 

What You Can Expect

Operational reporting provides an in-depth view of the present and immediate necessities focusing on the key areas of need. The reports can be modified and tailored as per the business needs to provide clearer insights. Operational reporting help businesses make data-driven decisions in a fast-paced environment. 

data archival

What Sets us Apart

We understand how data empowers your enterprise and aligns solutions to your business needs, helping you drive strategic initiatives. Some distinct advantages of partnering with us include:

  • Backup-as-a-service
    • We help you leverage existing infrastructure investments in a hosting or a cloud vendor, while we handle the end-to-end backup management
  • Proprietary Assets
    • Backup portal and proprietary toolset accelerate deployment of solutions, saving you considerable time, effort and cost. 
  • In-depth experience 
    • Talent pool of skilled professionals providing end-to-end backup and archival lifecycle management on a variety of data platforms. 


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