Maintain Workflow Efficiency With Remote Connectivity Options

Remote Work Capabilities

Microsoft Azure VPN

  • Connectivity
  • Site to Site (HA Zone & Regional level)
  • Private & Public
  • Point to Site (HA Zone & Regional level)
  • Internet
  • Security Control
  • Network Security Group
  • Firewall
  • IPSec Tunnel
  • SSL
  • Virtual Network Security Appliance (Third Party)
  • Monitor & Logging
  • Azure monitoring support (Log analytics, VM, App insights, etc)
  • Security Center

Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

  • Load Balancer
  • HA Zone & Regional Level
  • Internal & External LB
  • Expanding RDS Session Form
  • Expanding RDS Web Access & Gateway
  • Windows Fallover Cluster
  • Security Control
  • Network Security Group
  • LB Rules for Front & Backend
  • Firewall
  • SSL Tag
  • Virtual Network Security Appliances
  • Monitor & Logging
  • Azure monitoring support (Log analytics, VM, App insights, etc)
  • Security Center

Security Center

  • Reports any unsual activity
  • Check the security alerts for threats
  • Monitor logs
  • Check and start using policy & compliance module in Azure
  • Maintain Security hygeine and apply recommendations
  • Work on threat protection alerts
In 2015, companies managed to save $44 billion by letting their employees work remotely. - State of Telecommuting
44 Billion

Remote Work Infrastructure

  • We create highly configured VM’s and servers for providing access to large groups of users working remote
  • We can maintain more than one network connection in the workplace to avoid slow downs or down time to your users
  • We manage and install all required software for your users
  • We monitor the utilization of memory, disk and networks for all your users

Microsoft Teams Implementation

As a Microsoft Partner, iLink can help your organization transition to Teams to enable: 
  • Chat
  • Calls
  • Meetings
  • File Sharing
  • ... and more!

Azure Backups

  • Check Backup related alerts and ensure backups are completed on time
  • Identify any problems with servers as a result of backup
  • Increase frequency of backups as needed

Manage Resource Availability

  • Our solutions continuously monitor network bandwidth and increase internet speed as needed
  • We provide ongoing secure remote access connection with increase of VPN licenses
  • Solutions reduce complexity of recovery efforts by pre-restoring large database backups

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