Modernization to elevate IT resilience.

Discover how modernizing your systems can significantly improve your business's IT resilience. In today's ever-changing technology landscape, businesses must embrace modernization to strengthen their IT infrastructure and adapt to new challenges. This blog explores the reasons behind modernization and provides practical steps to enhance your business's resilience.


OutSystems is a low-code platform that offers multi-tenancy support, a critical feature for modern applications that serve multiple customers or tenants. Multi-tenancy allows each tenant to have its own data, settings, and customization options while sharing the same application. In this article, we outline the basic steps to get started with multi-tenancy on OutSystems, including understanding the multi-tenant architecture, defining your data model, creating tenant-specific configurations, implementing tenant isolation and security, testing your application, and deploying it to your production environment. By following these steps, you can build and deploy a robust and secure multi-tenant application on OutSystems that supports multiple customers or tenants.

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