Migrate Enterprise Applications to Azure

[Bothell, WA, 18/01/2024] – iLink Digital proudly announces its recognition with the esteemed Microsoft Advanced Specialization for Migrating Enterprise Applications to Microsoft Azure. This accomplishment further strengthens iLink Digital’s position […]

7 Guided Strategies for Microsoft Power Platform Implementation

The Microsoft Power Platform offers organizations the ability to accelerate digital transformation with its low-code/no-code solutions. But successful implementation requires a guided approach. This article delves into seven key strategies, from identifying business objectives to acquiring executive sponsorship, that ensure a fruitful deployment and maximum benefits from the platform. Dive in to understand how to harness the full power of this Microsoft offering.

How can Businesses use ChatGPT to upgrade their Customer Services?

Businesses can leverage ChatGPT to take their clients’ experience to the next level. For example, replying to customer queries & complaints, issuing notifications to engage customers with offers, or simply generating ideas.

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