Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Understanding ThingWorx Industrial IoT Platform

How we will invent the Future?

How we will invent the Future?
To stay ahead of rapid changes in the manufacturing industry, you’ll need to access digital readiness and acumen to integrate IT & operations technology for a stronger manufacturing operation.

IoT has the capability to provide complete end-to-end visibility to the process and plant operations. This is a game changer for a product line delivering faster timelines and go to market strategies to assure optimal resources utilization.

    Why you should attend?

    1. Learn how to use IoT and plant-floor data to predict and prevent equipment failure, improve reliability and reduce downtime. Improve the performance of assets and equipment and lower maintenance costs

    2. See how IoT can help improve processes and product quality

    3. Understand how to apply data insights to reduce warranty and inspection costs, while detecting and resolving quality issues more efficiently

    4. Leverage IoT to optimize product development

    5. Integrate your enterprise asset management with IoT

    6. Learn how to extend the useful life of equipment and assets with insights from IoT

    7. Learn how IoT can help improve resource utilization, reduce inventory and find the optimum balance between maintenance and operations

    Hourly Schedule

    Event Agenda

    09.50 AM - 10.05 AM
    iLink Intro & Who We Are
    10.05 AM - 10.15 AM
    About Industrial IoT vertical
    10.15 AM - 10.45 AM
    Introduction to ThingWorx and Dashboard development
    10.45 AM - 11.00 AM
    Our Capability and Q&A


    Jun 17 2020


    8:30 am - 10:00 am
    Rushikesh Kulkarni (GM, IoT)


    Rushikesh Kulkarni (GM, IoT)
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