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Introducing the Next Frontier driving Digital Revenue Generation – Conversational AI

“Voice enabled commerce to reach $40 Billion mark in U.S. and U.K. by 2022.” – Forbes

Conversational AI is the next frontier in the human-machine relationship and this conclusion is obvious. Voice enabled systems, ‘Smarter’ bots ensured the steady adoption of language as an interface which is the next natural step in the evolution of user interfaces. Nowadays, conversational AI is making huge strides across various aspects of business, and digital sales is no different ball game.

This session is designed to introduce you to the concept of conversational AI, its never ending feature list, how it is driving 10X customer engagement, and why is it imperative for you to adopt it to stay ahead of the curve.

iLink and purpleSlate are Microsoft IP Co-sell ready partners delivering Conversational AI solutions built on Azure.

Key Takeaways

  • How Conversational AI is the next big thing driving 10X customer engagement, the north star metric defining digital sales
  • How the insurance sector successfully leveraged Conversational powered bots to generate $20M annual recurring revenue
  • How our expertise helped a leading retailer to drive digital sales by using a conversational powered bot in WhatsApp

Who should attend?

  • CxOs and decision-makers on the lookout for 10X customer engagement
  • Operations Managers looking for ways to optimize business operations and achieve operational excellence
  • Key IT managers exploring digital transformation solution options in the above areas.

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    Sep 08 2022


    9:00 am - 10:30 am


    Bharath Srinivasulu, AVP-Growth, purpleSlate Pvt. Ltd.
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