Digital Transformation Series – Business Process Automation

Microsoft Power Automate, previously known as Microsoft Flow, is a cloud-based SaaS service offering.  

With the help of Power Automate Business Process Flow, users can create business logic which are capable of handling all the business processes of your organization.  These processes were repeatable steps those are normally completed in manual settings but with Business Process Flow solution that eliminates the possibilities of mistakes, your business is instantly more streamlined and with fewer errors.   

Attend this event and learn firsthand on how to:   

How to create Automation Processes to remove the time taking and pain-staking manual processes your team does on a daily basis with automated steps. This helps your business reduce costs and increase profitability, especially in the responsibilities related to manual paper processes. 

How to set constraints for the best practices are followed, and governance is enforced. Business Process Flow have strict guidelines on who’s able to make changes or update documents. 

As a business and IT leader, attend this event to see 

how your organization’s digital transformation journey can be achieved and how to add streamlined user experience that leads people through the processes their organization has defined for interactions. 

As a business user, join this event and check how to the predefined set of steps to follow to take business user to a desired outcome. These steps provide a visual indicator that tells user where they are in the business process. 

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    Jul 27 2022


    11:30 am - 1:00 pm


    Himanshu Shukla - Power Platform CoE Lead
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