IoT Solution Enables Real-Time Data Updates & Increased Revenue


Our client, a provider of fluid motion and control products and services, relies on product lines, engineering, project management and service expertise to meet customer needs. Our client employs over 17,500 associates in over 300 locations around the world, with over 100 different pump models and a range of other products.  

The client was manually designing the customer site and processing the commissioning of devices and gateways. They had no way of tracing or monitor manufactured devices or those deployed at customer locations. These issues combined with a lack of real time monitoring meant the client was missing service opportunities to improve customer experience. 


Our capabilities aligned well with our client and our ability to become part of the client’s ecosystem allowed our team to see things from their perspective. Our expertise with custom development allowed us to create a solution that offered configuration, storage and monitoring of real-time data. We involved the client closely in our solution from the beginning and throughout the entire project to maintain communication and exceed expectations.  


Our team began by using an angular application to build and configure the client’s site design in Azure IoT Hub and OSIPI to receive real-time data from the field.  

Thingworx dashboard portal was created to monitor the real-time data and everything was then stored in centralized Cosmos DB in Azure. 

We then utilized windows applications to configure existing devices and maintain an inventory of said devices. This application also was applied to Commission Devices and Gateways from inventory to customers.  

The POC Phase will last 3 months with the first phase of implementation lasting 6 months.  


Phase 1 of the project satisfied the client’s objectives with immediate benefits including:

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