International Trade Compliance Process


Harmonized System Number identifier tool for International Trade Compliance Process

Having one common identity for one specific good; In Harmonized System all goods existing on earth (transported and under scope) are allotted one unique identity. HSC is adopted by 191 countries. The codes and Legislations are different for different countries (First 6 is fixed). Any mismatch in a shipment (wrong HS Code provided) shall result in heavy Penalties as per customs Guideline. Client having AEO License for all its deliveries; any mismatch in any HS Code for any shipment shall not just result in Fine and possible imprisonment but also loss of the AEO License. That will impact the complete Business of the Company as a whole. The trade compliance project was undertaken due to the warning provided by Belgian Customs (Letter received from Belgian Customs Authorities dated 12-08-2013) for assigning wrong HS codes for Client’s article. The risk was to the tune of losing AEO license to 3 years and paying penalty up to 10x unpaid duties along with interests. Currently a team of circa 12 people are working on the project with heavy dependency. The incoming volume is also extremely high resulting in 10s of thousands of backlogs.


To provide the correct HSN code for an article within SLA, reduce the manual dependency in the process and improve accuracy with the use of RPA, AI, ML and Computer Vision. Further implementation of Kit Rules, modus operandi is in progress. Identification of respective country’s HSN equivalent codes are also a part of this solution.


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