Validation in Risk and Compliance Domain


Risk Compliance Automation – Deal Close Validation

This process supports the final validation of contract to ensure the contract attributes on the customer signed paper matches the contract attributes in the Risk and CRM systems. Once validated, the close process locks in the active contract to allow for hedging, market enrollments, load forecasting, commission payments and financial and performance reporting. Manual handling involved risks involved like Inaccurate validation/confirmation results in inaccurate hedging, inaccurate market enrollments, inaccurate load forecasting, inaccurate commission payments, inaccurate financial and performance reporting and many customer complaints.


The bot identifies the accurate company code based on certain “unique identifiers”. Extracts required data from mail Body & also downloads the PDF from the mail. 15+ entries are captured from PDF’s. There are 8 ABBYY templates designed to cater various company PDF’s. More than 90% accuracy achieved for the records processed by the BOT. Annual benefit of $162,937 realized by ABBYY + UiPath Automation.


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