Data Insights Platform for Marketing Intelligence

About Our Client

The client, Grandview Research, an Indian & U.S. based market research and consulting company, that provides Syndicated research reports, Customized research reports, and consulting services. They also offer market intelligence studies ensuring relevant and factbased research across a range of industries including chemicals, materials, energy, healthcare, and technology.


Start from the data extraction, process & management, clients were facing numerous challenges. Where they were looking for an experts who can design and develop the solution to optimize the existing process. With skillful engineers, we developed a Data Insights Platform For Marketing Intelligence to achieve the following objectives:

  • To develop a platform where data can extract, validate, and tag the extracted data through the application. So the end customer can view the required content free or paid.
  • To develop a platform where analysts can upload reports or add the report manually.
  • Allow the system to extract data from reports with the help of OCR.
  • Validating the extracted data and approve the data for submission.
  • Storing the data in the database on the basis of Tags.
  • Streamline the content creation by analysts while eliminating days of document formatting tasks and allow for analysts to easily enter and update content as they engage in the report production process
  • Include production workflow attributes for submitting finished reports to Editing, returned to an analyst for critical corrections, and hand-off to Marketing for publication.
  • Organize all report content and related collaterals into a centralized database to be accessed by other applications.
  • Establish this central database as the core content repository that ensures that each report is unique and any changes to a report or collaterals reflect dynamically in all presentation venues.
  • Encourage overall client engagement within the platform.


Considering the above requirements, we decided on the following solution: 

  • Build a Cloud-enabled analytics Strategy.
  • Highly scalable next generation of infrastructure with flexibility and simplicity.
  • Increased delivery speed, application performance, and environment availability.
  • Low leveling of management of the infrastructure Self-service data analytics Cost-Effective Solution
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