Classic ASP Modernization & Migration

About Our Client

Our client creates tools to connect government procurement agencies with business suppliers to build healthy and prosperous communities and is headquartered in Seattle, WA.  Their network contains over 700+ buyers and helps government organizations save money and increase efficiency.  


The client’s core application was developed in classic ASP with dependent COM components. The new CEO wanted to completely revamp the application as it was outdated and a nightmare to maintain. The plan was to start with modernizing the application in a phased manner with the following business objectives: 

  • Migrate application from On-Premise to Cloud 
  • Revamp the application with modern & responsive UI 
  • Modernize the registration & subscription upgrade flow 
  • Separate the business content and build it as a new application for easy content management 
  • Release each module in the modernize version phase by phase starting with the Supplier module 


ILink had an existing relationship with the new CEO and therefore, were familiar with the legacy application, its architecture and business features. iLink was a natural choice for the new CEO to implement his vision of the app overhaul.  

As a first step, we moved the existing application from on-premises servers to Azure cloud. WordPress was used to build the business website. When architecting the new solution for the client, the following parameters were considered: 

  • Requirements 
  • Application Performance 
  • Data Growth  
  • Data Search & Availability  
  • Modularity  
  • Maintainability  
  • Development Effort 
  • Ease of Development 
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