UI Platform Modernization

The client’s app, a “perf-to-sales” concept, stems from the vision of achieving optimal field performance -free of unplanned failures, lost production, and sub-optimal decline- by leveraging technology and the client’s significant investment in data to enable more effective asset operation. It amalgams several critical enabling technologies, including field automation, data management, data analytics, visualization, business, technical workflows, modeling, simulation, and optimization.

As a first step, once iLink identified the development framework for Web App, the team created the base platform so that adding a new Workflow involves just adding some database entries instead of creating workflow-based assets.

As part of the Project, iLink created reusable Angular Modules for UI components that can be used in any application. Each application can add these modules as NPM modules to their application and use them. Prime NG was identified as the UI library and used to create all custom components and charting components based on High Charts.

UI Platform Modernization Case Study


UI Platform Modernization
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