In the last post, we discussed about certain basics in viewing a bunch of numbers and we continue that thought in this post also.We had talked about Mode. But if you look hard, Mode is not as simple as that. Mode depends on the fact that some number repeats itself. If in a bunch of numbers, none […]

Before we go to Big Data, let us understand what is this data. At the base minimum all data are a bunch of symbols. If you provide me a page full of data points, each data point is but a string of symbols like “11.23”, “Elm Street”, “345-333-3333”, “Mary had a little lamb”, “November 22 […]

Big data. That seems to be the talk of the town. Combine it with IoT, Cloud and Machine Intelligence, we have all the key tech world hype memes covered.  So essentially the idea boils down to this: Collect through various means, observations which might have a bearing on a particular situation Analyze patterns in those […]

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