OpsTrac is an automated Service and Operations Management Framework powered by Microsoft Denali/SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint 2013/2010/2007, BizTalk Server, CRM and other technologies. It provides organizations with a real solution that they can use to manage the cost and the quality of their field service team operations.

Current Service and Operations Management Challenges

There are three key service and operations management challenges:

  • Difficulty providing good structure for service assessment and for quantifying the true cost of poor service.
  • Barriers and bottlenecks to customer service include the absence of formalized service operation and management strategies as well a slack of feedback loops that help create service-driven value creation.
  • Inconsistencies in service performance leave organizations “flying blind” or developing an over reliance on less robust service performance measures.

OpsTrac Framework

The OpsTrac Service Automation and Operations Management Framework enables companies to manage trouble tickets, organize work, map/dispatch service workers to the closest location and provide performance data that can be measured properly. They can also track necessary parts and other inventory so that the least amount of time is spent bringing the service worker and the parts together. OpsTrac helps avoid duplicating work, reduces inventory size, and increases service satisfaction with automated email and phone notifications to customers and service workers as needed.

iLink Solution

iLink’s solution is a standards driven streamlined set of features that covers well-defined service and operations processes, and has been built on the set of latest technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint 2013/2010/2007, XAML, Dynamics CRM and Cloud computing.

OpsTrac Framework Solution:

How do service organizations quickly and accurately respond to requests while ensuring that no cases fall through the cracks? With the OpsTrac Framework you can record new cases, share information easily and monitor system performance using metrics to provide better, more consistent service for complaint handling, work order tracking, help-desks, field service requests fulfillment, compliance monitoring and other critical business processes. The OpsTrac Framework includes:

Automated Ticketing from Network Alarms

Integration with Fault Management System
Notification Management

Technician Locator

Find available technician closest to location
Assign Service activity from the same screen

Ticket Lifecycle Management

Automatic creation of tickets based on alarms
Ticket management & status tracking

Data Cube based BI & Reporting

Automatic report generation at regular intervals
Custom report generation on demand

Inventory Management

Real time equipment status update
Visual real-time equipment location on a map

Integrated Communication

OCS integration
Call technician from the application


Automatic scheduling of service activity
Algorithm based technician assignment

TMForum Standards-based

eTOM – Business Process Framework
SID – Application Development Framework

Technician Tracker – GIS Maps

Track the progress of a technician
Show technician location in real-time on a map

iLink Systems OpsTrac Framework Solution features:

  • Fully Service Enabled TmForum standards compliant ticketing solution
  • Implements all eTOM business processes related to ticketing and fault management
  • Location-based dispatching implemented
  • Complete support for technician schedule management
  • Integrated with Microsoft Systems Center for alarms; Microsoft Dynamics CRM for customer care; Equipment inventory system; and GPS feeder for technician location
  • Implementation of GIS mapping module to display the overall health of the entire network
  • BI, Reporting and Scorecards


  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013/2010/2007 & Server 2010
  • BizTalk Server
  • System Center
  • XAML
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Windows Phone
  • Bing Maps
  • eTOM – Business Process Frameworks

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