Empowering Pharma and Lifesciences with Integrated Efficiency and Compliance Solutions

iLink Digital specializes in partnering with Pharmaceutical Companies, Biotech Firms, and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) to optimize both clinical research and commercial operations. Our integrated services are designed to streamline processes, enhance efficiencies, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. 

Clinical Research

Clinical research guides pharmaceutical companies in developing new therapies through rigorous testing and analysis. iLink Digital offers solutions that ensure medications meet stringent quality and regulatory standards while providing crucial insights into disease mechanisms and treatment outcomes. By investing in clinical research, pharmaceutical companies advance patient care, foster medical advancements, and contribute to global health outcomes. 

Disease Registry Data Warehouse: Centralize data for comprehensive disease insights, enhancing patient population management. 

Real-World Evidence Analytics: Use advanced analytics to extract actionable insights from real-world data, improving clinical research and healthcare strategies. 

Clinical Cohort Builder: Streamline cohort selection with intuitive tools, optimizing clinical study design for efficient research outcomes. 

Multi-Modal Data Integration Platform: Seamlessly integrate diverse data sources to enhance research capabilities and understanding across studies. 

Synthetic Data Generation: Safely generate compliant synthetic data for innovative research approaches, ensuring data privacy and security. 


Supply Chain Management

Effective Supply Chain Management ensures seamless coordination from raw material to distribution, maintaining product quality and regulatory compliance. The iLink Digital solution enhances efficiency and mitigates risks like counterfeit drugs and disruptions, ensuring timely delivery of safe, high-quality medications to improve patient outcomes and meet regulatory requirements.


GxP Compliance Solutions: Ensure regulatory compliance with tailored solutions that adhere to Good Practices (GxP), maintaining the highest industry standards. 

Drug Production Workflows, Inventory Management: Streamline drug production processes from inception to delivery, coupled with robust inventory management to meet demand efficiently. 

Drug Monitoring and Recall Workflows: Implement effective protocols for continuous drug monitoring and swift recall processes, ensuring patient safety and regulatory adherence. 

GPO Spend Management: Optimize Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) spending with strategic oversight, enhancing procurement efficiency and reducing costs. 

340b Reporting Services: Comprehensive reporting services that facilitate compliance with the 340b program, providing transparency and accuracy in program requirements. 

Commercial Operations

iLink Digital offers tailored Commercial Operations for pharmaceutical companies, integrating strategic planning with execution for successful product launches and sustainable market positioning. Our solutions maximize revenue potential and foster long-term relationships with healthcare providers, ultimately improving patient outcomes through informed healthcare decisions. 

Launch Management: Strategic planning and flawless execution to ensure successful product launches. 

Multi-Channel Marketing and Brand Management: Integrated strategies to boost brand visibility across diverse platforms. 

Field Force Performance Analytics: Use data-driven insights to optimize the effectiveness of field operations. 

Physician Content Management and Education Services: Tailored content and educational resources designed to support healthcare professionals. 


Regulatory Services

Ensure drugs and medical devices meet stringent safety standards before market release. iLink Digital’s regulatory services help pharmaceutical companies navigate complex regulations, streamline compliance, and expedite time to market, ensuring patient safety and maintaining the company’s reputation.  


Clinical Trial Study Data Labeling, Authoring, and Publishing: Streamline clinical trial data processes for accurate labeling, authoring, and publishing, ensuring regulatory compliance. 

eCTD and Non-eCTD Electronic Submission Workflows: Deliver tailored eCTD and non-eCTD electronic submission solutions to ensure compliance and speed up timelines. 

NLP Solutions for Text Extraction and Dossier Creation: Our NLP technologies enable efficient text extraction and dossier creation, improving regulatory document management. 

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