Empower your Data Streams with Confluent's Apache Flink®

iLink Digital proudly partners with Confluent to bring you the most advanced cloud-native, serverless Apache Flink® service integrated seamlessly into Confluent’s data streaming platform. Harness the power of Flink and Kafka effortlessly, enabling real-time insights and scalable stream processing with ease and confidence.

What is Confluent’s Apache Flink®?

Apache Flink® from Confluent is a cloud-native, serverless, fully managed stream processing service integrated seamlessly with the Kafka ecosystem. It offers a simplified, efficient approach to handling data streams, allowing users to focus on business logic without the complexities of managing infrastructure. With its high performance and scalability, it ensures reliable processing of large volumes of data with low latency.

Apache Flink, backed by industry giants like Alibaba and Apple, serves as a top Apache project, powering stream processing platforms for prominent enterprises and digital natives alike, making it ideal for modern data-driven applications.


Key Benefits

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Easily build high-quality, reusable data streams

Our cloud-native, serverless Flink service simplifies creating data streams, empowering your organization to leverage Apache Flink's full potential.

Speed & Code

Efficient stream processing at any scale

With Confluent's Flink service, you can effortlessly filter, join, and enrich your data streams without the complexities of managing infrastructure, ensuring high-performance processing regardless of workload size.

Multipipeline Development

Unified platform with Apache Kafka®

Experience the seamless integration of Kafka and Flink within Confluent's platform, complete with fully integrated monitoring, security, and governance functionalities.

Apache Flink

What is Confluent’s Apache Flink®?

Through our partnership with Confluent’s Apache Flink® Service, iLink Digital can seamlessly harness Apache Flink alongside Confluent’s Kafka service, enabling effortless access and processing of data streams. This integration empowers us to provide customers with efficient stream-building, monitoring, security, and governance functionalities for extracting valuable insights from their data.

Confluent’s fully managed Flink service is now available across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, providing a true multi-cloud solution backed by a 99.99% uptime SLA and expert support from the leading Kafka and Flink professionals.

Ready to Revolutionize your Data Stream Processing Capabilities?

Connect with our experts today to explore how iLink Digital and Confluent’s integrated Apache Flink® service can transform your data streaming operations.
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