Looking Ahead - Evolving Innovation Amidst COVID-19

August 6th, 2020 | 8AM – 10AM PST
Join iLink for an exclusive CXO Roundtable Event!  

How are CXOs using digital transformation strategies to remain agile and secure in the post COVID-19 world?  

What are the transformational tools and game changers you need to know about? 

Learn from your peers across various industries about how they are turning challenges into opportunities in today’s evolving world. 

amritansh raghav

Keynote Speaker

Amritansh Raghav

Amritansh is the Executive Vice-President of Product & Engineering at Outreach and former Corporate VP for the Skype team within Microsoft.

Amritansh brings a passion for solving business problems with innovative technologies and engaging product experiences. He has experience working across all business sizes and with a diverse portfolio of solutions from cloud infrastructure to consumer communications.


Join Derek Russell, a Data & AI Senior Specialist at Microsoft and host of the Data Binge Podcast to hear what business leaders should be considering to address challenges with digital transformation. 

Event Timeline

8:00AM PST

Welcome Address & Keynote

8:20AM PST

Segment 1 : Challenges During COVID

9:00 AM PST

Segment 2 : Converting Challenges to Opportunities

9:45AM PST

Closing Remarks

9:55AM PST

Thank You

CXO Summit
With every participant contributing their unique perspective, this invite-only roundtable showcases creativity and innovation to deliver value in our new digital environment.  
We invite you join us for this event to come and discuss, network, and share knowledge with fellow industry leaders and peers. 
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