Telecom Giant Utilizes IoT to Drive Customer Satisfaction


Companies today increasingly rely on high speed network connections for routine business operations and to cater to their customer needs. This has placed a greater emphasis on high network reliability.

Our client, one of the largest broadcasting and cable television companies in the world, provides advanced communications solutions to help companies of all sizes be more productive. It wanted to explore innovate ways to improve reliability and customer experience particularly for the Small and Medium Business (SMB) customer segment, which places a high value on connectivity.


iLink partnered with a leading IoT solutions provider to develop the solution. After analyzing all the requirements, iLink proposed a solution which included building and consuming APIs, processing IoT traffic, integration with client’s ordering system, MS dynamics GP systems, Cradlepoint APIs and USPS system. This solution also elaborates a fulfillment and shipping processes for smooth kit deliveries.


iLink managed architecting the overall solution along with implementation, deployment and support. The solution utilizes an IoT device including LTE dual SIM router which monitors the Broadband and wireless link and fails over/fails back from/to broadband when outages occur/recover. The solution also provides various stakeholders with the ability to generate different reports, monitor real time health of the devices and their usages, and send threshold notifications as per the configured limits.

To build this language interface, we utilized a Custom Speech service with a language and acoustic model for speech recognition. We also used a Service Fabric for the services, Cosmos DB for the back-end, and LUIS and custom text processing for extracting structure, sub structure, findings, and medical notes.


Increased network reliability and customer satisfaction for the client. 

Our client successfully launched the wireless backup solution for their SMB customer segment. The solution ensures high availability and scalability. Through this solution, our client was able to increase the network reliability to 99.9%, thereby delivering high performance and increasing its customer satisfaction.

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