Tableau to Power BI Migration for a Leading Fast Food Chain

About The Client

The client is an American chain of fast-casual dining with 2600 restaurants, spread across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France.  

It is one of the first chains of fast-casual dining establishments with 3000 internal managers who rely on about 400 business intelligence report to make critical decisions regarding – store performance, operations, finances, throughput, sales, rewards, standings, food safety, recruitments, stability (retention) and customer feedback. 



The accuracy of the business intelligence report is essential for the client to make strategic business decisions. Their current business intelligence software, Tableau had limitations, as well as its high expenses, which needed to be addressed.  

The client was looking to undertake a reporting migration from Tableau to Power BI in line with a larger effort to move key infrastructure to the cloud. This included operational risk as the new implementation was expected to retain and enhance the legacy business intelligence results. Moreover, the migration was time-sensitive in order to provide financial savings. 


iLink planned to leverage Azure Cloud services to modernize and migrate to Power BI. This would not only provide a better integration of the client’s digital data but also the best user experience and performance. 15 resources were assigned to work on Migrating Tableau to PBI, Tableau Portal to BI Portal, and VizAlerts to UIPath (RPA) Subscriptions. The training was planned for BI Portal to all End Users in phases. 


iLink provided services to migrate and modernize the existing Tableau reports to Power BI and architect a solution to ensure the full capabilities of Power BI are leveraged. At the same time, our experts designed a semantic layer that enables a standard corporate view of the aggregated data which will help managers make more robust decisions and increase business scalability.  

This agile methodology came into action in June 2020 and was followed for a duration of 10 months by the onshore/offshore team model. The client’s teams and our teams worked in complete partnership and cooperation as one cohesive unit until the goal was achieved.  


Migrating to Power BI by Microsoft resulted in improved speed to generate reports i.e less than 30 seconds, a significant reduction in time compared to tableau reports. The new robust platform created more sophisticated business intelligence analysis for the client, increased cloud capability, and cloud data computing benefits in regard to fast expansion, computing speed, security, and reliability. 

It even offered a cost-saving component. The invoice orders reconciliation showed an improvement of 20% indicating that the content in the orders placed against the content received was more accurate by 20% thus reducing the cost of returns and reducing inventory delays. This had a direct improvement to the Supply Chain effort. 

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