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About The Company: iLink is a Global Software Solution Provider and Systems Integrator, delivers next-generation technology solutions to help clients solve complex business challenges, improve organizational effectiveness, increase business productivity, realize sustainable enterprise value and transform your business inside-out. iLink integrates software systems and develops custom applications, components, and frameworks on the latest platforms for IT departments, commercial accounts, application services providers (ASP) and independent software vendors (ISV). iLink solutions are used in a broad range of industries and functions, including healthcare, telecom, government, oil and gas, education, and life sciences. iLink’s expertise includes Cloud Computing & Application Modernization, Data Management & Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, Portal, collaboration & Social Employee Engagement, Embedded Systems and User Experience design etc. What makes iLink Systems’ offerings unique is the fact that we use pre-created frameworks, designed to accelerate software development and implementation of business processes for our clients. iLink has over 60 frameworks (solution accelerators), both industry-specific and horizontal, that can be easily customized and enhanced to meet your current business challenges.

Job Description

Project Leads for various and unanticipated worksites throughout the U.S. (HQ: Bothell, WA). Develop plans for technical development and oversee the execution of software development tasks. Analyze application requirements, development, and unit testing. Identify needs and evaluate alternative business solutions. Reporting software development status, manage risk, escalate issues, and ensure on-schedule delivery that is within scope and budget. Technical environment: Kubernetes, Docker containers for deploying micro services with respect to Continuous Deployment platform CI/CD; ASP.Net, C#, Angular, ADO.Net, LINQ, SQL Server, TFS, MVC, Spring boot microservices, Jenkins, GitHub, Apache Kafka ( DMaaP).

Required Skills & Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, Software/Computer/Electronics Engineering plus two years of experience in the job offered or in a Senior/Lead role OR Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software/Computer/Electronics Engineering plus five years of progressive experience in the job offered or in a Senior/Lead role also acceptable.
  • Skills Required: 2 years with: deploying micro services with respect to CDP CI/CD using Kubernetes & Docker container; Leading distributed team; ASP.NET; ANGULAR; MVC; Spring boot microservices; Jenkins; Kafka.

If interested, send resume to: HR Dept,, Ref: GV

Job Information

Industry : IT Services

Position : Fulltime

Date Opened : 02/02/21

City : Bothell, WA

Country : United States

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