The Challenge

Our client a leading electronic manufacturing company, had their email service migrated to Office 365 and their employees did not have an option to reset their domain account password or change their password using any mechanism. They had to call the help desk for this activity, and this uncured time and cost for the organization. In order to improve the operational efficiency and also to reduce the cost of password reset, our client was looking for a comprehensive solution for allowing users to self-manage their passwords and reset it using a self-service mechanism.

At the same time our client had their user accounts for employees and contractors in various HR systems. There was no single source of truth leading to user data conflicts across systems. This led to a lot of manual effort in provisioning and de-provisioning the users in AD which in turn resulted in lost productivity and increased operating expenses. The clinet had a strategic initiative to streamline this user data by using an Identity Management Solution (IMS) such that this new IMS resolved all the aforementioned issues and streamlined the entire process of on-boarding and off-boarding users.

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Our Approach

iLink proposed and implemented Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 R2 as the solution for Self Service Password Reset and Management. This implementation addressed the password reset challenge by enabling end users to change or reset their password using Password Reset portal or from their domain joined machine.

Utilizing FIM, iLink has implemented employee onboarding and offboarding workflow process integrating Workday HR System, IT Service Management System ServiceNow and Active directory, reducing the overall onboarding time of employee and automated resource provisioning. This workflow also corrected errors in employee attributes across the system as the right truth of source had been identified and updated across the various systems.

The Outcome

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