Generate 10x faster analytics to make real-time decisions

What is MIDAS?

Midas is an edge-based computer vision platform designed to work with your data feed for faster and real-time analytics using AI/ML and distributed edge cloud computing. It empowers you to make real-time decisions and actions based on well-processed data in an automated fashion and offers complete control over the AI/ML models and data stored in cloud. 

iLink’s Midas platform is preloaded on Azure stack edge and uses MS cognitive services, ML and OpenCV to support out of box video analytics use-cases as well as alerting mechanism (SMS, Call, Email & RestAPI). We use technologies like Computer Vision, 5G connectivity and MEC/ Edge at the core to process data streams from different cameras to enable effective business transformation. 

Why Midas?

  • ROI based Use Cases Consulting 

 Consulting for conceptualizing ROI-based practical & private 5G Edge compute uses cases for enterprise.  

  • Quick POC platform Enablers 

 Our Edge video analytics platform can be utilized for quick POCs to validate any computer vision-based use-case CI/CD framework to deploy and manage edge compute. 

  • End-to-End Solutions  

 We understand and bring in the ecosystem required to do end-to-end implementation like connectivity, applications, and 5G hardware.  

Out-of-Box or Specific, MIDAS can help!

Out of Box


Framework Features

iLink's MIDAS

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