Uday Bhaskarwar is Group Chief People Officer with iLink and CEO of Thinking Hut, an iLink company.

As CEO of Thinking Hut, a group company of iLink, Uday is responsible for driving the IoT business of iLink globally.

As SVP of Strategy & Business, he is responsible for iLink business in India & Middle East. He is also part of the core team driving inorganic growth through M&A and partnerships.

As SVP of India Operations, he is responsible for operational excellence across all support functions (HR, Admin, Finance, Recruitment & IT) for iLink in India (Chennai, Pune, Trichy and Bengaluru).

Uday is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of prolific experience, mainly in the IT/software industry. He brings together the unique blend of immersive executive experience in corporates and entrepreneurial wisdom of doing multiple start-ups.

He is a strategist, innovative thinker, rigorous planner, thoughtful people leader and accomplished executioner who melds an entrepreneurial approach with a structured environment.

Uday has built successful start-ups, developed large businesses from scratch, built & managed large teams, closely worked on organizational initiatives and penetrated new geographies.

He has comprehensive experience in Software industry cutting across Building & monetizing start-ups, Strategy & Planning, Managing P&L, Relationship Management, Delivery, People Management, Operations and Partner Management. He has global experience in sales, delivery and relationship management. He has worked with clients in North America, the U.K., Continental Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Japan, Australia and India. Many of his clients are in the Fortune 500 list.

Before founding Thinking Hut, he has worked in Infosys in various roles across delivery, relationship management, sales and partner management. He was part of the Infosys leadership team – “Tier Leader” with Infosys Leadership Institute, India Management Council, extended Infosys Management Council & Pune DC leadership team.

Uday is an engineering graduate with honors from IIT-BHU. He likes to work for the community and has been involved in various social initiatives and causes. He loves to work with people and has been mentoring various start-ups. He loves traveling, playing badminton and watching cricket. He is an avid reader and dabbles in writing. He lives in Pune with his wife and two daughters.


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