Sree has over 19 years of experience in High-Tech industry. Sree has the overall responsibility of iLink’s growth strategy, vision and performance, and leads daily business operations, directs the development and execution. Sree co-founded iLink Systems in the year 2002 when many of the companies were going bankrupt due to the Dotcom bubble. Sree’s innovative leadership helped iLink grow at a rapid pace since inception, win several industry-based and technology awards including Microsoft WPC Awards in the year 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Under Sree’s leadership, iLink also won a place in Inc5000 list of fastest-growing companies 4 times in a row and iLink was recognized as one of the top 50 technology solutions providers in the Seattle area.

Sree has a strong technology management and consulting background, and his specialties include business ventures, business transformation, and technology consulting to help businesses translate business objectives into effective software products and solutions. Sree oversees the functional disciplines including Sales, Marketing and Client Delivery. Sree spearheads iLink’s Center for Excellence in Technology(CET), that creates innovative frameworks or solutions accelerators using cutting edge technologies to address the pains and challenges found in a variety of verticals such as Healthcare, Communications, Oil & Gas, Government, Manufacturing, Insurance sectors, professional services and others.

Prior to founding iLink Systems, Sree worked for Lumedx aiding their product development efforts. Prior to that, he served as a BI expert at Sree holds a graduate degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and completed course work for a master’s degree in Computer Science, both from Auburn University, and a bachelor’s degree from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India.

Sree believes in “giving back to the community around us is an important part of who we are and what we do”. Over the years, Sree guided iLink to focus on triple bottom line business with Social, environmental and financial profits.  iLink has been participating in various charitable causes, and actively associated with several charity organizations and philanthropist organizations like Children’s Response Center, Shankara Eye Foundation, Freedom from Hunger and Sarvodaya Children’s Home in the name of our clients. iLink has associated with a village named Kayamapatti, Pudhukkottai district, about 12kms south of iLink’s Trichy ODC. For the past 4 years, iLink’s Trichy division has been celebrating its Annual Day events and activities with the children and villagers of Kayampatti, and participating in a string of CSR-oriented activities.





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