Software Company Streamlines Product Portfolio Using Agile


Our client, a leading sales intelligence and acceleration company offers a number of B2B software products. Over the years, product had undergone several enhancements and new features had been provided in piece meal fashion to accommodate changing customer needs and business landscape. Losing this balance between simplicity and features usefulness gave birth to the following issues:

Recognizing the need to revamp the product and develop one homogenous system that addressed all user needs within a single application with user focused workflows, our client reached out to iLink.


iLink experts interviewed key stakeholders from business and technology teams to understand the pain points. Working with a cross functional team of engineers, UX, UI and product experts, iLink drove the project using an agile SCRUM approach, ensuring feedback and adoption throughout the development process.


We developed a new unified product to manage the needs of multiple customer segments, from small businesses to large enterprises. The new platform was designed to handle client data needs including lead generation, lead scoring and notification platform with the option to add insights in the future. The technical platform included .Net core, ReactJS, micro-service architecture, SQL Server and Elastic Search (ES).

Working in two-week sprint cycles, product development was completed with two major milestones. iLink proactively gathered client feedback throughout the process and regularly planned testing phases throughout the development cycle to ensure that our solution was meeting the rigorous testing standing. The client was impressed with the quality of the product delivered by iLink and the agility shown to complete development of a complex product within a quick time frame.


Increased productivity and insights for the client. 

Our solution addressed the needs of multiple customer problems in one single platform. Built with modularity, it gave our client the capacity to add more functions such as added insights, reporting etc., into the product based in a systemic manner. Through the new scalable platform our client was able to realize significant increase in productivity and robustness.

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