IoT Solutions Provider Transforms Its Subscription Management Platform


Our client, which offers a portfolio of managed end-to-end IoT solutions had a legacy subscription management application built in the 1990s with architecture that was tightly packed and that did not have a scope of reusability, extendibility, and scalability. The existing components that had been developed were tightly coupled objects fully dependent on server interaction to perform successfully, and the user interface had limited functionality that did not support responsive design. With a dire need to rearchitect their system without affecting the client’s business layer, the client approached iLink’s experts.


First, iLink involved its provisioning domain experts to understand the client’s complex provisioning system including various carrier ATT, TMO, Sprint & Verizon integration rules to provide a reliable solution. This would ensure all the network offering to their customers are intact in term of  ongoing operations, and at the same time the internal architecture would allow them to scale their system to support future business needs.

After a thorough analysis, iLink came up with a detailed plan and strategy to solve the problem. Through this analysis, we determined that the client’s system was so tightly packed that it would be too immature to touch their system immediately.


Therefore, iLink proposed the architecture initiative in three phases:

Phase 1: This involved changing the UI of both the business and operational systems, while leaving the backend as it was. This entailed modernizing the website by using new technology, such as Angular JS, and implementing new APIs to interact with the front end, which changed the front end’s entire look and feel.  iLink was also sure to put in enough information and levels of abstraction into the system that would allow them to more easily decouple it in Phase 2.

Phase 2: This involved putting in more architecture, while continuing to make sure that client’s business layer was not affected. iLink was then able to quickly decouple the problematic modules and implement enough APIs so that complexity was no longer an issue.

Phase 3:  This included complete decoupled solutions integrated with modernized website which ensured high scalability, readability and maintainability.

iLink completed these tasks through 2-week sprints, playing the roles of both a business and technology partner role in setting up the client for future success. Using an agile approach, iLink involved the business units and sought direct feedback from the client’s customers to adapt and further enhance their experience.


Provide efficient tracking and rearchitected  system for client. 

iLink’s subscription management solution, is an enhanced, scalable, and dynamic portal that supports real time accounts, subscription, application, billing, rate plan, and reporting mechanisms. This portal also provides efficient tracking and analytics tools with diagnostics proficiencies, allowing customers to manage their end-to-end services.

Other benefits include:

iLink was successful in accomplishing client’s objective of rearchitecting their system without affecting their business layer. Our product is being actively used by every customer of our client  and is now a core platform in the business support system and operations support system.

Beyond the benefits that iLink’s hybrid solution has brought, we have also impacted the client internally, primarily by introducing Agile Methodologies to the company. Through our work, we were able to demonstrate how using Agile could allow the client to transparently see and analyze their data and accomplish much more in a quicker, more efficient time frame.

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