Identity Access Management Solution for Leading Pension & Health Plan Provider


Early October 2020, our client decided to change their Pharmacy Benefits Manager from ExpressScripts to CVS Pharmacy. Therefore, to integrate CVS pharmacy portal with the client’s website, there was a need to implement Single Sign-On (SSO) feature so that participants can SSO to CVS portal to review their prescriptions and other pharmacy information. Since the client’s website did not support SSO, iLink was engaged to develop and implement an Identity Access Management solution to enable SSO. CVS has clearly indicated that they support only SAML based authentication.


Once a decision was made on the approach and design of the solution, iLink project management team prepared a proposal and submitted to the client. Once the client reviewed the proposal, the SOW was submitted and approved, and work on the project began. 


A separate team of 3 members has been assigned to the project and started the work based on the SOW. Since this project included both Web and Mobile application development, the proposed solution had to support both the platforms. So, the architecture was developed with that in mind. Existing web site architecture has been carefully analyzed for integrating with the new Identity Provider.

The main solution was implemented in a month and started integrating with the web/mobile applications. The development version of the IDP (Identity Provider) had been tested with CVS pharmacy UAT servers to ensure proper data communication


The completed solution was delivered in a little over 2 months and released in the second week of January 2021. Overall the project is a success and the SSO functionality has been used since then. Over 70k participants has been using the feature.

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