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Our client, one of the leaders in transportation systems and software, had been facing several issues with its aging financial management solutionIn order to stay ahead of the competition, the client wanted to create a next generation financial management solution for tolling back office operations which empowercustomer service representatives (CSR) and customers to manage all critical information from one single platform. Some of the challenges with the existing platform were: 


The client approached iLink because of our prior success in delivering similar projects, technology expertise and understanding of the industry landscapeiLink’s experts interviewed key stakeholders from business and technology teams as well as the end users – the CSR team and its customers, to get a holistic understanding of the process and their pain points. 

After extensive research and workshops, focusing on four key metrics  ease of use, response time, scalability and flexibility to end users, iLink proposed a Single Page Application (SPA) solution to meet their requirements by using improved and refactored version of their business logic. This solution was composed of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with SPA patter including HTML5 with angular material framework and kendo UI library for better user experience, windows workflow for dynamic rule engine. Loosely coupled components were developed and all the object-oriented principles were fully adhered while designing this architecture to support reusability, extendibility and scalability.


iLink created an enhanced, scalable, and dynamic portal with enriched UI and mobility support. The platform empowered the CSR team to manage all critical customer information and track inventory. Self-service capabilities enabled the team tchange rules dynamically without relying on technology team for support and quickly generate reports, all in one place. The external site also allows customers to manage their own information including personal information, tags and billing. 


Increased productivity and additional revenue for the client.

Through this new platform the client was not only able to realize productivity gains, but also the enhanced capability and flexibility helped them acquire new customers resulting in revenues over $100 million. 

This portal also provides efficient OCR and analysis tools. Other benefits include : 

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