AWS Hosting & Services for IoT


Thinking Hut, a leading software and IT-enabled services & solution provider leveraging AWS needed to develop a cloud solution for messaging in place of their existing on-premises software.  


iLink would utilize our existing expertise with AWS solutions to build a unique cloud solution to host microservices on AWS and containers of microservices used for ECR. We needed to create a solution that worked on the backend of the application to host data.  


iLink needed to replace ThinkingHut’s existing IoT application which had an on-prem version and later a parallel AWS version. When deploying the AWS solution, we replaced Kafka with Kinesis and replaced local machines with EC2.  

Our infra team set up VPCs, NAT gateways, Subnets, VPC Peering, Route tables, Network ACLs, Internet Gateways, security groups and other infra setups for this project.  


iLink’s deployment of AWS solutions meant ThinkingHut was able to send and receive success & failure notifications via SNS and all sensitive personal data was stored securely inside the Secret Manager via Lambda.  

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