Computer Vision-Based AI/ML Platform Streamlines Sewer Inspection, Saves Time and Resources

One of the leading banks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), recognized the need for automating their end-to-end testing process, specifically focusing on data collected from various sources and generating Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics reports. The client sought a solution that would streamline their testing procedures, improve efficiency, and ensure accurate and timely reporting.


The primary challenges faced by the bank included:

  1. Diverse Data Sources: The data required for generating reports were sourced from multiple platforms, including Hadoop, and Oracle databases, and uploaded Excel files.
  2. Numerous Reports: Bank had a considerable number of reports to generate, consisting of both daily and monthly reports. This created a significant burden on the testing team, requiring extensive time and effort.
  3. User Group Access: The reports needed to be made available selectively based on user roles and groups, ensuring that each user could access the relevant information without any security breaches.


To address the challenges faced by the bank, the following solutions were implemented:

  1. Database Connectivity: A robust connection was established with the Oracle database, enabling seamless access to the required data for report generation.
  2. Hadoop Integration: Connectivity was established with the Hadoop platform, allowing the extraction of data from this source alongside Oracle databases.
  3. Excel File Integration: Manual Excel file uploads were facilitated to ensure data from this source could be included in the reports.
  4. Access Control List: An Access Control List (ACL) system was implemented to manage the visibility of reports based on user roles and groups. This ensured that the right reports were accessible to the appropriate users, maintaining data privacy and security.
  5. Business Groups and Subsegments: The system generated business groups and subsegments to further streamline the reporting process, enabling efficient categorization and organization of data.


The implementation of the automation solution for test reporting at the bank yielded the following results:

  1. Time Savings: The creation of approximately 10 daily reports was significantly expedited as the Power BI reports were automatically generated. Previously, users had to manually generate these reports using Visual Analytics, which consumed a considerable amount of time and effort.
  2. Reduced Manual Effort: Users no longer needed to individually generate their reports. The automated system generated and stored reports corresponding to user groups, eliminating the need for repetitive manual work.
  3. Enhanced Accuracy: The automation solution improved the accuracy of the generated reports by eliminating the potential for human error in data extraction and report generation.
  4. Efficient Data Collection: By integrating various data sources, including Hadoop, Oracle databases, and Excel files, the system ensured comprehensive and up-to-date data collection for report generation.
  5. Streamlined Access Control: The implementation of the Access Control List (ACL) system provided a secure and controlled environment, ensuring that the reports were accessible only to authorized users based on their roles and groups.


The automation of the test reporting process at the bank using Power BI and other integrated technologies resulted in significant time savings, improved accuracy, and streamlined access control. The successful implementation of this solution has positioned the client to efficiently generate reports, providing valuable insights to decision-makers within the organization while optimizing resource allocation and improving overall operational efficiency.

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