iLink Digital Hackathon – iSpark

At iLink Digital, We believe an idea can spark a change, transforming the world in extraordinary new ways. With the rapidly evolving programming ecosystem, a plethora of software development tools, libraries & frameworks are getting built every day. They make the development a lot quicker & easier, reduces time from prototype to production and also reduces the cost of implementation.

Are you interested in creating such tools, libraries or frameworks that makes a impact in the IT industry ? 

You can choose one of problem statement and try to solve it by building a Machine learning algorithm, a web browser plugin, IOT device or even a simple code that automates a time consuming process.

Who can participate?

Anyone with a passion for coding can participate. It’s open for college students, college dropouts, happily unemployed, freelancers and those who can do wonders with zeroes and ones.


1st Prize – $ 3,000

2nd Prize – $ 2,000

Registration Closed

Date : Sep 3rd – Sep 5th


Expectations during final presentations are:

    Open Chat

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